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Gun Control – Established 1600’s. Part 2; The Road To Revolution.

Imagine a giant powder-keg. Say, it holds as many gallons as there are colonists. Fill this keg with gunpowder, of a couple variants of granulation; as many as the Declaration of Independence has reasons for leaving King George III. Really pack it too, almost to bursting point.

Now, light a match.
Throw it on the keg.
Hope you don’t get caught in the blast.

That’s what England did in 1774, when they attempted to take colonists weapons by force and ignited the biggest explosion the world had seen up till then. The American Revolution.


The Black Gold Standard: Petro, Dollars, War.

The start of this particular wing of our history’s library might have a sign hanging above its arched framed empty door; swinging lightly with a chill, soundless breeze less the rusted chains attaching it to the bricks. Few tracks would mare the thick dust invading each surface, small areas liberated by the prints of a mouse or other small creature. It would state on its face something along the lines of “Gold Standard” or perhaps “The Empirical Transition” depending on which lenses you wear.

The first doors would contain the information from 1944 after WWII, and the Bretton Woods Conference. These particular rooms in history would tell you within the books of their shelves of how the countries of the world, torn asunder from the recently concluded world war, would turn to one to make the world economy stable, and safe, and sound. That one, would be America.

Forgive the dark and fantastical jaunt, but this would be a pretty accurate image were things kept in a library like so. Very, very few tread the halls of history in search of answers to the present.

… To answer the question of how did we get here though, we need to examine The Conference, The Nixon Shock, OPEC, Gulf War 1, and from there the branching tree of multiple wars across the region to protect America’s right to print money. …

Researching: (any sources forwarded, if used, will be cited and thanked for contribution.)

War Taxes – What it would mean, do, and the benefits vs the consequences.


Blue Wave 2018: Part 4, Other Senate Races. Part 5, The Justice Democrats So Far. (Updates will be ongoing as well.)


“It’s the Banking, Lebowski…” Central Banking’s Nasty Habit of Invasion Via U.S. and Europe.


The Left and The Right, Vestiges of The Days of Bull.


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