Meanwhile… In Other Dumb News… 5/21/2018

The Daily Roundup of Lesser Known Stories.

The Humorous, the Cool, and the Just Plain Stupid.


Monday, May 21st: Super Bacteria, Angels, Unknown Creature And Social Justice Warriors.


Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Could Be New Epidemic.

This is not exactly news to some, scientists have been saying this for a good few years now. Professor Dame Sally Davies gave a speech at a conference in Berlin with a stunning video and a scary claim.

Davies claims unless we do something pronto 10 million people a year could begin to die from drug-resistant diseases. In America alone the numbers are already climbing, currently with 2 million people infected with super bacteria and 23,000 a year dying from the affliction by the CDC’s numbers.


Angels Among Us? Or Moths?

Jordan Rivers Church caused quite a stir on Facebook that started a debate between a small town in Michigan and went viral. A picture was posted that many are saying is of an angel.


The most likely explanation is pointed out by many to be a moth traveling across the camera as it was set to detect motion. What do you think? Let me know below in the comments.


We May Have Found Where Trump’s Hair Came From

This is a chance to see that she is very close, she has a lot of people and she is so stinky to see the so-called giant globster, come on and she is still on the side and hasn’t gathered it in the town of Gloria Brgy San . Antonio near royal splash 👌 #share

FB Translation

Okay, that’s not Trump’s – nor it’s parent – hair but I think anyone can laugh a little at that. What this actually is most likely is a decaying sperm whale that washed ashore in the Philippines last week.

The unknown corpse gave the locals a shock and a new mystery to gossip about, bringing back their previous gossip from last year when a similar creature washed up in February. It was shown to be a species of whale in decomposition as this likely is. I just hope it’s not Falkor…



Social Insanity Warriors

Look… I’m all for equality of opportunity and treating others with respect and such… but people… This is becoming a cult like movement of “How far will you let me go?” Not everyone, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of people championing the movements for noble causes. This lady… Is not one of those people…

Deanna Carson has gotten a lot of heat and hate from this interview which she claims you should ask a child for their permission to change their diaper. Anyone who has children (even those that don’t) know that is absurdity at it’s most mind boggling.

I believe she was misunderstood though. I think she used a terrible example to illustrate that parents need to show their children they respect them and want to have a connection with them. The typical family dynamic is changing drastically within the world and it may just be generational gap but parenting seems more to be delegated to Ipads and Youtube anymore, which is not a healthy way to raise a child. Parents then wonder why their kids don’t listen to them.

Communication, mutual respect, and affection are good places to start. Followed by discipline, something many seem to be missing in their personal lives. (Not judging anyone, I could use some more of that too.)


See You Tomorrow!


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