Meanwhile… In Other Dumb News… 5/20/2018

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 Sunday, May 20th: An Ancient Civilization, A Modern Debate With Monsters, And A Gift Giving Feline.


Lost City Uncovered In Ancient Tablets

In Bassetki, Iraq last summer 91 clay tablets were found within a clay pottery piece and stored with what appears to scientists to be materials to preserve it for generations to come. By studying the contents scientists seem to have found an ancient city from the Assyrian Empire, Mardaman. Having served many purposes through it’s life, and being sacked multiple times, Mardaman is thought to have been a strong trading hub due to its location between major regions. The tablets were found in an Assyrian Governors palace.

Mardaman is cited in multiple ancient sources dating it between 3,000 B.C. and 600 B.C. but its location had remained a mystery to archeologists until now.

Photos by Peter Pfälzner, Universität Tübingen

Can Monsters Teach Us About Universal Basic Income?

According to a well written argument by… sorta. They make some very good, if dramatic points. Monsters Inc. (Yes, the Pixar children’s movie) is used as the basis for the idea, in that they used screams in the movie to power a global economy much as we do with the Dollar. By the end of the movie, a much more efficient and morally preferable resource was found and adapted, laughter. While we can’t power an economy off laughter (though that would make for a pretty damn happy world or a terribly twisted side show) there may be other resources we could turn to it puts forth.

Monsters inc2

It goes a little into the dramatic end with some of the points of forced labor, but I think anyone who has worked a couple terrible jobs can understand the point attempting to be illustrated if somewhat exaggerated in its presentation.

Monsters Inc

What do you think? Read it here and let me know below.

Cat Gives Neighbor Flowers

Something that has been trending on reddit awww, Willow the cat knows who to show their love for their… wait, neighbors? I wonder how Willow’s owners feel about their pet leaving gifts for their neighbors… from their garden.


Found from

Many owners know this behavior in a more gory fashion of small birds and other critters. The reasoning behind this behavior is cats in the wild teach their young to hunt by bringing home their kills. If your cat has a habit of doing this, it’s trying to pass down its tradition of hunting to an important part of its life. Roses though; who knows, maybe Willow’s  a vegan.

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