Meanwhile… In Other Furry News… 5/17/2018

The Daily Roundup of Lesser Known Stories.

The Humorous, the Cool, and the Just Plain Stupid.


Thursday, May 17th: Cats, Volcanoes And Black-holes, Oh My!


Never Mind That Volcano, I Have Golf To Play.

Dedicated golfers in Hawaii (or maybe just those tired of waiting for the star of this story to chill) were treated to jaw dropping views of the recent volcanic activity kicking it up another notch.

Are you serious bro

As a note to the sane, please do not attempt this. Please do not let archeologists in ten-thousand years discover golfers frozen high-fiving over a birdie as the clue to what Hawaii was like. Not even a literal bird.

Fastest Growing Black Hole Found.

And no, it’s not your laundry hamper nor does it have those socks you lost last week. What it does do, is consumer roughly enough mass every two days to make up our sun. How did we find it? It helps a little that it’s heat radiation is a thousand times brighter than our entire Milky Way galaxy.


Mostik The Cat Beats Putin Across New Russia-Crimea Bridge.

Screenshot-2018-5-16 Кот Моста on Instagram “Сегодня весь день буду поздравлять строителей с Днём труда, а это тоже т

Welcome to my bridge! Oh, this is one of my hoomans as well.

Meet Mostik, the white and orange Tabby cat held by a construction worker. Mostik has become a real live mascot and loved figure around the new bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. The bridge building crew on the Russian side has let the furry helper roam the bridge since ground was broken on the project, and Mostik has become quite the public figure for the company, even getting his own safety gear.

Safety First. Never mind I’m already orange… A bit… But I got a hat out of it!

Mostik made headlines across the world lately, beating Russian President Vladimir Putin to the title of “FIRST!” across the newly completed bridge.

Screenshot-2018-5-16 Кот Моста on Instagram “Первым пробежал 19 км Все готово Завтра торжественно со строителями и Пр

There are NO birds up here… Better keep moving… Wha-? I did what?

You’ll never understand how hard it was for me to pick only a couple pictures of this cute little guy. You can head on over to his instagram though for an idea (yes, he has his own instagram).

“First to run the 19 kilometers [12 miles]. Everything is ready!” Mostik the cat, a mascot for the bridge builders, posted on Instagram on Monday. “Tomorrow I am ceremonially opening the bridge with the builders and the president. And starting May 16th you can come yourselves.”

Screenshot-2018-5-16 Кот Моста on Instagram “Мне уже песни посвящают Если вы ещё не писали стихов и песен про меня, ср

See You Tomorrow!



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